Lump’s Forest.


25 X 13' - 2D Animation HD.


4 to 7 years old.




Genial Media, Zylo & Vidoxmedia.




In Production.

Lump’s forest really exists – why not? – somewhere across the universe.

Everything happens there in a timeless setting, in a continuous present and without time passing in any especial direction.

It is a closed and particular world that is ruled by slightly different laws: for instance, humans are considered as “alien” beings there, and some of the creatures we regard as mythical (fairies, dragons, witches and so on) are so real and ordinary there as our dogs, horses or elephants.

Small details such as plants being able to think and talk as the other creatures give Lump a certain charm and open the door to interesting expressive possibilities.

On the other hand, their inhabitants aren’t that distant to human nature, since their feelings, virtues and shortcomings are governed by rules that are very close to ours, which allows us to accept more easily their other extraordinary magical qualities.

The actions that happen through the episodes of this series consist of small anecdotic situations practically independent (that is to say, with a beginning and an end of their own), although they are always linked by the common environment and by the development of the interpersonal relationships between the main characters.

To sum up, Lump’s Forest can be briefly defined as: “A fantastic world”




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