Bikes the movie.


92' - 3D Animation HD.


4 to 7 years old.




Animation Bikes A.I.E.




In production.

Welcome to Spokesville, a great place to live, work and play. Set somewhere in the beautiful mountains. Spokesville is a bit of a different burg; the entire place is populated by anthropomorphic... bicycles.

You,ll meet Speddy C, our hot-shot protagonist: a fast, fearless, ultimately adorable mountain bike whose story is the narrative core of Bikes. His best friend Gassy is a funny ingenuous air pump and Montana, a spunky girl bike, smart, beautiful and not afraid to speak her mind; she may also have eyes for Speedy.

Spokesville is a magical multicolor marvel of a place, the air is clear and the environment unspoiled. Life for the citizens is idyllic, until the day an unheard of device, the gasoline motor comes to town. What follows is a thrilling and hilarious adventure that transforms Speedy into a unwitting leader of an activist movement that takes a stand aganist the Mayor and his cronies. Will Spokesville future belong to the gas powered motor or the revolutionary new “sustainable” technology which Speedy and his friends develop. The decision all comes down to a dramatic bike race which decides the town,s future. Will Speedy triumph and save the day?




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