Los del Río Tropical.






Universal Music Spain.

Antonio Romero & Rafael Ruíz, Los del Río, launched in 2017 their new album "Los del Río Tropical" (Universal Music Spain), where they show all the illusion that has accompanied them during their 50-year career in the music, offering a new twist to the Latin style and salsa.

"Los del Río Tropical" is produced by Óscar Gómez, winner of five Grammys and producer of artists such as Celia Cruz, Julio Iglesias and Joan Manuel Serrat.

The album has 12 songs that combine unpublished songs with Latin versions of well-known songs that will surprise the audience.



1. Conga

2. Lo Que Está Pa Ti

3. El Negrito Del Batey

4. Soy Un Truhán Soy Un Señor

5. Azúcar Y Salsa

6. New York, New York

7. Vuélveme A Cantar

8. La Noche Cuando Es De Noche

9. Los Diseñadores

10. Salud, Compay

11. Obsesión

12. Más Macarena

The cover of "Los del Río Tropical" is the beautiful painting "Luna Tropical", original work by Cuban artist Humberto Benítez



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