The high-altitude gene.


145' / 3 x 60' - Documentary HD.






Russian (English subtitles available).



Most people already know that the world’s highest mountain is Mount Everest. How many people do you think got to the top?

This documentary tells the story of conquering Everest, real numbers and real people.

Guest starring – Valdis Pelsh, Facundo Arana.

Key features of documentary:

• You track the whole process of climbing the mount Everest that took one and a half months from the start to finish.
• The film shows the existing Everest climb routes, as well as key heights.
• Film shooting took 2 years due to first attempt was interrupted by earthquake. The government banned all expeditions that year (for the first time for 41 years).
New expedition took near 50 days. 15 participants from 16 reached the summit. One of them took the height of 8500 meters due to health issues.
• The peculiarity of the film.
Tour guide Alexander Abramov tested the acclimatization system that he developed.
• For the first time the expedition had a large female group.
• The main question of the film is why it is worth to climb Everest.
• A number of records was achieved in that expedition.
• Historical background. The film tells about the history of the area and famous climbs.
• The films is an instruction of preparation for ascent.


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