Moons of New York.


62' - Documentary HD.






Spanish & English.


Producciones Cibeles.



Moons of New York, a documentary from Producciones Cibeles, recalls the trip that Federico García Lorca made to New York, where he stayed for nine months, which were to prove fundamental in his personal and literary development. Thanks to the assistance of Fernando de los Ríos, who invited Lorca to accompany him on his trip to the United States, the poet leaves Spain for the first time. After achieving his first literary successes with Gypsy Ballads and Mariana Pineda, García Lorca is longing to take some time out and to forget the unhappy love affair with the sculptor Emilio Aladrén and the criticism of his friends from the university residence, Salvador Dalí and Luis Buñuel.

Guided by experts such as Ian Gibson, Christopher Maurer, Laura García Lorca, Antonio Muñoz Molina and Luis Antonio de Villena, among others, we follow the trail of the poet from Granada through the streets of New York, recalling his days at Columbia University and his long nights in the jazz clubs of Harlem. At thirty-one years old the writer discovers the human maelstrom of Manhattan, the chaos of the Stock Exchange crash on Wall Street and the suffering of society’s outcasts. However, he also feels the joy and musicality of the place, as he would later in Cuba too, which remind him of his native Andalusia. This fusion of sensations is reflected in the verses of Poet in New York, the culminating work of Spanish literary surrealism, which premonishes his own murder in Granada.

Some years later, the poet having been slain in the first months of the Civil War, his family is exiled to New York, where, surrounded by friends and intellectuals, they mourn the death of the poet. The tomb of his father, Federico García Rodríguez, remains to this day in the Gate of Heaven Cemetery in New York. There, in the great American metropolis, under the ‘moons’ of New York the spirit of Lorca continues to ignite the creativity of anonymous individuals (a singer, an actor, a student from Columbia and a graffiti artist) who all confess their admiration for verses of the poet from Granada.


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