Le toréographe.


52' - Documentary HD.






Spanish (English subtitles available).


La Mirada Oblicua.



The trace of fear

This documentary film tells the story of a man whose fear transformed him in one of the most interesting contemporary artists of the moment.

Since his childhood, he attempts to capture in different ways these complex moments of art and devotion as fighting a bull in the ring is. Being very young, he travelled from Paris to Spain, willing to be a bullfighter, but the fear and the respect made him change his way. His deep frustration failed to divert him from his goal: to create a pure work of sensations around the bravery, the hazard, but especially the life and the death.

Through different forms of expression, from the most classic artistic techniques to the collage till the recent personalization of the biggest bullrings, his reflection will naturally drive him to the most daring and intrepid performances and installations where he places physically bulls and bullfighters. In the heart of his “happenings”, the “toreographies” or calligraphies of the fear, the art of bullfighting dives definitely in an unsuspected modernity...

A french artist moved to Spain when he was 18 years old wanting to be a bullfighter, but his deep fear and respect for the bulls dashed his way.


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